Below listed classmates have not been located. If you have any knowledge of where they may be, please use the Contact Us link to share your information.

Bates, Richard C.
Brown, Patricia K
Carpenter, Sharon E.
Clark, Kathleen C. Jaworski
Cone, Betty
Copenhagen, Randy
Fortier, Carol A. Carder
Groves, Lorraine
Ireland, John Reilly
Jenkins, Glenda S. Sebastian
Jones, Keith H.
Jones, Suzanne E.
King, Carolyn L.
Kniefel, Randy D.
Knight, Carol M.
McMichael, Lorna L.
Merrill, Elizabeth C. Dulaney
Moore, Kevin A.
Murphy, Kathleen E.
Oaks, Bob G.
Severns, Kay J.
Williams, David D.
Williams, Keli K.