August 18, 2018
Winston Churchill High School
Eugene Oregon
Class of 1967

Come one, come all!
It is time for our 51 ½ year graduation party.

When: Saturday February 23rd at 2pm-4pm
Where: Abby’s Legendary Pizza 1970 River Road

Some pizza will be provided, buy your own drinks.
Contest to see who has the closest birthday to the February 23rd date. Prizes will also go to the attendee who has lived in the same place the longest; Who has the youngest grandchild or great-grandchild; Who drives the oldest vehicle (must drive to event); Who has had the most body parts replaced, (no visuals necessary); Who has made the most recent snowman, (photo proof required).
Mark your calendar and send reply to let us know you are coming. Or Call 541-255-6749 and leave message.

Also note August 17, 2019 for 52 year reunion 
Donations always accepted to maintain this site and support reunion activities.